June 2011

A Date With The IRS

June 30, 2011

OH my gosh this was too funny to pass up. And before you ask – yes, it’s real :) Here’s a clip from the email I got… way to capture my attention SpringWell Financial! (I know, this sounds like a paid advertisement but I assure you it’s not.  This is called clever marketing – you make me laugh and I want to share it with […]

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The (Crazy Simple) “Bucket” Budget

June 29, 2011

I came across this SUPER simple budget the other day in Money Mag, and I’m not gonna lie – it’s kinda sexy! Especially if you’re just starting out and looking for a beginner’s budget. I haven’t seen a system this simple in quite some time, or at least one I thought was good enough to share. If you haven’t found anything that works for you […]

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Spending More to Save More

June 28, 2011

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before, but spending more to save more always drives us personal finance bloggers crazy ;) Especially for people like me who sometimes fall for them, and then have to report back to you about it! Haha… but luckily this story ends the way I want it too. Despite being tempted like a mother. (Are you proud of me […]

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Why Smart People Make Bad Spending Decisions

June 27, 2011

(Article by Ornella Grosz – who brings up a VERY good point about treating every dollar the same!  I completely SUCK at this myself, and often wonder if I’m missing on something important here, or if it actually helps me mentally?  Take a read and let us know what you think :)) Why is it that (sometimes) budgets don’t work? I think it’s because many […]

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5 For Friday: A Peek Into Your Home

June 24, 2011

Since we’ve been on the topic of home ownership lately (and I found that AWESOME video up there for Vanilla Ice’s new real estate guide! Haha…) – I thought we’d make this the focus of today’s 5 For Friday questions :) Plus, I like being nosey. So here we go… spill it loud and spill it proud, baby! Do you “own” your home or do […]

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The Money-Shredding Alarm Clock! (And other ways to help keep you motivated)

June 23, 2011

OMG if there was ever away to wake me up in the morning, this would be it!! I hate it when people/things take my money!!! :) Almost as much as I hate waking up in the morning! Haha… (well, waking up early that is – I very much like waking up and breathing!) It doesn’t seem like this is a real clock you can actually […]

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“Credit Cards Are For Old People”

June 22, 2011

That’s what my 40 y/o cousin told my 13 y/o nephew yesterday at breakfast :) After my nephew proudly exclaimed “Cash is king!” when our server denied our credit card at the restaurant, haha… How does HE know cash is king?? And why are credit cards only for old people?? (wait, don’t answer that). It was a pretty funny exchange. Especially when 2 seconds later […]

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Nursing Homes vs Hotels: A 71 Year Old’s Take on Living

June 21, 2011

Haha… I got this comment on my “living in a Hotel” post from last year, and it’s freakin’ cracking me up! I totally want to be this guy 40 years from now :)  Well, minus his mortgage – if I still have one of those I’m gonna punch myself in a face.  But I sure like the way he thinks!  Gives yesterday’s mansion talk a […]

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Rent a Room In a Mansion? Okay!

June 20, 2011

I just read this KILLER article about renting rooms out of mansions! If you’re subscribed to Smart Money you may have seen it, but in a nutshell it talks about people with freakin’ AWESOME homes who are struggling to keep them up due to the economy, and so they’re looking for new ways to offset the costs. The easiest & most obvious of them being […]

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5 For Friday: What Car You Drivin’ Yo?

June 17, 2011

Let’s talk about cars today. What kinds you’re driving, what kinds of money you’re spending – all that good stuff. It’s been a while since I’ve shared the love for my Caddy (the last post wasn’t so hot) so this one’s for all you car lovers out there. Round 7 of Five For Friday starts now, bitch! ;) What car are you sportin’? (If you […]

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The 10 Most Common Shopping Personalities

June 16, 2011

I got this press release in my inbox yesterday, and thought it would be fun to see where we all land in it :) It comes from a company called SteelHouse who researched the most common consumer shopping personalities in order to give online marketers insight into what kinds of shoppers help increase their sales (tricky tricky!). Here’s what their CEO had to say about […]

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The 6 Month Anniversary of My Termination!

June 15, 2011

I’ve been a full-time blogger for exactly 6 months now!! Wooo!!!  What a ride, man :)  Ups and downs and all kinds of experiences slowing down time for once in my life – I love it!  I’ve felt more alive in these past six months than I have in the past 6 years.  Or even 10!  Since college! Haha… (Though that was a different *kind* […]

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$300 Poorer, But My Feet Sure Are Happier!

June 14, 2011

I did something this weekend I haven’t done in a very long time: I splurged. Twice ;) I had no intentions of actually doing so (isn’t that always the case?), but I gotta admit I felt pretty damn alive in both cases! One of the things I’ve been trying to work lately is going with the flow and accepting new adventures whether it costs a […]

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“Giveaways Are Sexy” now Launched! Giving away $425!

June 13, 2011

My new giveaway site is out the door! Woo!!! I’ve been playing with it for a few months now, and finally decided to just unleash it to the world and start having some (real-life) fun with it :)  There’s no point in hiding your ideas forever, right? We gotta get those bad boys up and in action! So please welcome to the family, ladies and […]

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