Considering Selling Your Blog?

by J. Money -

I may be interested in buying it :) Hit me back with the answers to the below questions, and we’ll see what we can make happen. If I can’t make an offer myself, I may know others who can and would be glad to help ya out. Looking forward to learning about it! (I love all this stuff…)

  1. Why do you want to sell your blog?
  2. How long has the site been around for?
  3. How many posts are live on it? (Roughly)
  4. What does your traffic look like? (Page views / Uniques)
  5. Do you earn any income? How much per month (roughly)?
  6. What are your major sources (ie. affiliates, adsense, direct ads, etc), and % of each?
  7. Would you consider blogging for it still if we paid you?
  8. *Bonus* What ballpark would you like to sell it for? ;)

PS: If selling your baby is too much for you, I’d consider partnering up too.  Every now and then I can really help out with monetizing or ad placements – just depends on what you’re looking for…

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