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Budgets Are Sexy in the press

Hey friends! We feel so blessed having received over 1 million 24 MILLION views since our debut in Feb ’08, and 600 2,500 posts later we’re still rockin’ :) And it’s all because of YOU, the readers & community here. So thank you all so very much for every last comment, tweet, email, click, everything – I genuinely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Here are what some people are saying…

Kiplinger logo “Best blog for twentysomethings” – Kiplinger
USAA logo “J. Money brings “Sexy” back where it counts… in your wallet.” – USAA
Business Insider logo “[One of] 15 Money Experts Everyone Should Follow On Twitter” – Business Insider
los angeles times logo “The consistently delightful blog at, written by twentysomething J. Money” – LA Times
TIME Moneyland logo “J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy tells his “I Got Fired” story right after getting pink-slipped… and what struck me about this post is how it nails the emotions felt in the moment—anger, puzzlement, panic—and how he ultimately handles the situation with class…” – Time Moneyland
iVillage logo “I love J. Money’s irreverent yet insanely practical approach (perhaps because he’s lived and learned) to getting your finances in order.”- iVillage
Scholastic Parent & Child “Terrific money-management info, plus how to create and stick to a budget…” – Parent & Child
social media examiner “Budgets are Sexy provides readers with personal finance tips with flair. The blogger is known to rock a Mohawk and talk about finance with a friendly, down-to-earth tone that makes it all seem much simpler.”- Social Media Examiner

What Readers Are Saying…

“I wanted to pass on my appreciation for your blog. Over the past year I’ve followed quite a few PF blogs but the one I always make time to read is yours. I’ve noticed that a lot of these either have a negative attitude, are minimalistic towards life/consumerism, are blatantly anti-Christian, or just plain don’t offer any entertainment value with the knowledge… Your blog is informative and thought provoking, at times humorous and entertaining, but always optimistic. Not only do I learn from you, I enjoy the learning process. After visiting your blog I always feel better about my situation. So thanks. Thanks for making this journey better. Thanks for doing what you do.” – Julie K.

“Your Budget Template is tha bomb!!!! I needed to get my finances under control and found your template – this is GREAT!” – Karmen Starks

“Dude, your posts are like financial crack for me, the more I read, the more I want to do with my own blog/finances/future plans… You, Mr. J. “Mortgage Killah” Money, are a hero to all of us. What I like most is the positivity…” – The Happy Homeowner

“I really want to thank you for being honest, sharing your energy and mainly for being an accessible voice in the oft snooty world of finance. I started reading your blog about 3 months ago and you were my inspiration for paying off ALL our credit card debt as of last week!” – Caitlin

“I’ve gotta say, I love reading your blog my man… I hope someday random creeps like myself can say that about work that I do without ever having met them. You’re incredibly honest, and that’s what the community needs. I appreciate the fact that you just put it all out there…” – Bobby

“I love this site called Budgets Are Sexy. Seriously… it’s bringing a little bit of rock n’ roll to budgets… He is making budgeting fun, and hip, and DO-ABLE.” – Janice Croze

“I love reading your posts – you’re one of the few PF bloggers I’ve stuck around with for the long haul. You’re definitely a “there’s hope out there” influence on my life!” – Amber

“Thanks for the great blog – it is truly my favorite of the PF blogs that I read – favorite by a long shot! It’s got practical information with lots of personality, and I don’t feel guilty for “indulging” in things like cable :) Keep it up!!!” – Kelly Goetz

Awesome Awards/Lists:

2016’s “Lifetime Achievement” winner via Plutus Awards

Blog of The Year @ the 2nd Annual Financial Bloggers Conference!

Won 5 Blogger Awards @ 2011’s inaugural Financial Bloggers Conference!
(Thanks for all the votes, everyone!)

  • Best Lifestyle Blog
  • Most Humorous Blog (also won in 2010)
  • Best Gen X/Y Blog (also won in 2010)
  • Best Multi-Part Series (Side Hustle Series)
  • Best Microblog (@BudgetsAreSexy – also won in 2010)

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